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Billy Hughes joined the Wallaby Club in 1910 and maintained his membership until 1922. He was the third Prime Minster of Australia to become a member of the Club. He did four preliminary walks under the eye of his colleague, E.L. Batchelor, during October and November and then joined the Club in December 1910. His regularity of attendance prior to election did not continue afterwards, and his appearances during his twelve years of membership were Like angel-visits, few and far-between.


'However, the Prime Minister could not be bound by rules made for less busy members, and being, as the old song puts it, always merry and bright, he was a welcome visitor whenever the spirit moved him to walk abroad. Then, at lunch-time on a Sunday, he would be surrounded by members, listening to his wonderful stock of anecdotes relating to election experiences, and to stories, pure and not so pure, all told with a kind of staccato drollery that added vastly to our amusement. He was a good walker, quite at home in the bush. On one occasion, we lost him or he lost us. A very heavy storm came upon us from a clear cerulean sky and drenched us so thoroughly that the water ran out of our boots. "Billy" was with us one moment and had disappeared the next. Rain ceased and we noticed that an important member was missing. We were much alarmed; we could not return to Melbourne and inform the Press that we had mislaid the Prime Minister. Search parties were sent out, and the main body marched on, very wet and wondering what had happened. When we arrived at our hotel, there ina large arm-chair, steaming in front of a huge fire, sat the missing ruler of our Commonwealth. He certainly new his way about.'

Alfred Hart [page 33]


1910 - 1922
Membership - Wallaby Club

Sources used to compile this entry: Attwood, Harold (ed.), The Centenary History of the Wallaby Club, Landscape Publications, Mont Albert, 1993. List of Members page 135, additional references page 28, 32, 33.

Prepared by: Gavan McCarthy

A Private Club

The Wallaby Club is a Melbourne-based walking club established in 1894 with a strong bias towards good fellowship, talking and an appreciation of both the natural and built environments. Membership is strictly limited and is by invitation only.

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