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Biographical entry Brennan, W.A. ( - 1957)


author, journalist and poet


W. Brennan joined the Wallaby Club in 1915 and maintained his membership until his death in 1957. He was elected President in 1932 and Editor of Card 1927-1946. He was a poet and author, and Chief Leader Writer for The Argus.


Regarding the Card: 'W.A. Brennan undertook the task of editing the Card, and carried it on in the most delightful manner until 1939, when it was abandoned till the end of the war.'
J. Woodburn, pages 63-64

Regarding his presidency 1932-1933: 'Next came W.A. Brennan, who for many years has added greatly to the gaity of our gatherings by his sparkling kindly wit, and his inimitable after-dinner speeches. A wide circle of readers revelled in the "spiriting" of Ariel in "The Argus", in the palmy days of the newspaper.'
J. Woodburn, page 65

Regarding a Christmas Dinner in 1937: 'At the Christmas Dinner, which is an informal affair without a toast list, he [G.C. Jobbins] unexpectedly called on W.A. Brennan to propose the toast of the Wallaby Club. As always, the response was apt and witty. Then after a brief internal "The Chairman" as he was officially called, asked the same W.A.B. to reply to the toast of the Wallaby Club, and Brennan rose brillaintly to the occasion. "It is not cricket! When the eminent barrister has proved - to his own satisfaction at least - that the defendant is guilty, and deserves no mercy, is it asked that he should then put the other side of the case, and unsay all that he has said? No Sir! When the famous surgeon has successfully performed a most difficulty operation, is he expected - should the patient die - to explain how this has happened? No Sir, it is not done!"
J. Woodburn, page 67

Regarding his life membership: 'During this year [1954-1955] W.A. Brennan (President 1932-33) was elected an Hon. Life Member. He had been chief leader writer on the Argus and some still remember the column he contributed as "Ariel" on Saturday mornings. He edited the Card until 1946 and it is believed some of the wittiest verses came from his pen. Unfortunately his life membership was a short one; he died within two years . . .'
J. Woodburn, page 96


1915 - 1957
Membership - Wallaby Club

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Sources used to compile this entry: Attwood, Harold (ed.), The Centenary History of the Wallaby Club, Landscape Publications, Mont Albert, 1993. List of members page 131, additional references page 37, 62, 63, 64, 65, 67, 96, photographs page 61.

Prepared by: Gavan McCarthy

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The Wallaby Club is a Melbourne-based walking club established in 1894 with a strong bias towards good fellowship, talking and an appreciation of both the natural and built environments. Membership is strictly limited and is by invitation only.

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