Established 1894

The Wallaby Club .Inc

Biographical entry Rivett, A.C. David


chemist and public servant


Sir David Rivett joined the Wallaby Club in 1921 and maintained his membership until 1942. He was Professor of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne, Chief Executive of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and a son-in-law of Alfred Deakin.


Regarding his membership: In 1934 - 'Sir David Rivett and Sir Ernest Wreford received their knighthoods this year. Sir David resigned in 1942. He had been a member for 21 years, but was not a frequent wlaker. He described himslef as "the world's worst Wallaby." The imputation was his own, and was certainly not endorsed by his friends, for he gave most interesting talks to the Club whenever called upon to pull his weight.'
J. Woodburn, pages 65-66

University House, at the University of Melbourne and the location of many Wallaby dinners, was Rivett's on campus professorial home. Many of the original features of the home are still preserved and it is possible to imagine Rivett in one of the upstairs rooms contemplating his decision to leave the University and take on the role of heading up the Council for Scientifc and Industrial Research.


1921 - 1942
Membership - Wallaby Club

Sources used to compile this entry: Attwood, Harold (ed.), The Centenary History of the Wallaby Club, Landscape Publications, Mont Albert, 1993. List of members page 139, additional references page 65, 71.

Prepared by: Gavan McCarthy

A Private Club

The Wallaby Club is a Melbourne-based walking club established in 1894 with a strong bias towards good fellowship, talking and an appreciation of both the natural and built environments. Membership is strictly limited and is by invitation only.

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