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Biographical entry Pryor, David E.



David Pryor joined the Wallaby Club in 1993. He was Secretary 1997-2000 and Editor of Card 1996-2000. He trained as a chemist and was a Research Associat, and later an Occupational Hygienist, with ICI Ltd.



For many years, David Pryor has assiduously and inconspicuously looked after the Stick for our Dinner Functions. This has meant picking it up at a city bank and then returning it for safe keeping next day until the next event. Each year, he also took care of the engraving of the new President's name on the gold band. The Club owes David, along with Alma, a sincere debt of gratitude for long and valuable service. Thank you both!

[Wallaby Club Notice to Members, No. 6, 2008/9, February 2009]


1993 -
Membership - Wallaby Club

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  • ANZAC Stick (1915 - )

    For many years up until 2009 David Pryor was responsible for the stick and bringing it to functions.

    Date: ? - 2009

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Sources used to compile this entry: Attwood, Harold (ed.), The Centenary History of the Wallaby Club, Landscape Publications, Mont Albert, 1993. List of members page 135.

Prepared by: Gavan McCarthy

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The Wallaby Club is a Melbourne-based walking club established in 1894 with a strong bias towards good fellowship, talking and an appreciation of both the natural and built environments. Membership is strictly limited and is by invitation only.

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