Established 1894

The Wallaby Club .Inc

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List of Occupations

Ashton, Douglas H. ( - 2005), academic and plant ecologist
Bolton, Herbert Cairns, academic, historian of science and physicist
Burke, Joseph T.A. ( - 1992), academic and public servant
Burnet, Frank Macfarlane (1899 - 1985), academic, author and medical researcher
Burstall, A.F., academic and engineer
Crawford, R.M., academic and historian
Day, Ross H., academic and psychologist
Dickson, Ian E., academic
Gillin, L. Murray, academic, engineer and university administrator
Gilruth, J.A. ( - 1937), academic, public servant and veterinarian
Hetzel, B., academic and medical researcher
Jenkin, John, academic, historian of science and physicist
Kirsner, Richard L., academic and engineer
Lovering, John F., academic, geologist and university administrator
MacCallum, Peter, academic, biologist and pathologist
McCarthy, Gavan J., academic, musician and science archivist
Medley, John D., academic
Paton, George W., academic and lawyer
Plimer, Ian R., academic and geologist
Richardson, A.E.V. ( - 1950), academic and agricultural scientist
Selby-Smith, Christopher (1942 - 2007), academic, economist and public servant
Serpell, Andrew J., academic and lawyer
Southby, Richard McK. F., academic
Stokes, D.M., academic and scientist
Swan, John M., academic, chemist and university administrator
Trikojus, Victor M., academic and biochemist
Wadham, Samuel M. ( - 1973), academic and agricultural scientist
Wood, G.L., academic
Bainbridge, A.E., accountant
Boehme, T.C. ( - 1976), accountant
Doery, Edward Keith (1927 - 2005), accountant
Edwards, Len E., accountant, electrical engineer, management consultant and mechanical engineer
Kirkhope, W., accountant
Norton, Barry, accountant
Shankly, N.J. ( - 1964), accountant
Stevens, Geoff H. ( - 2005), accountant
Tootell, C., accountant
Towl, K.T., accountant
Tweddle, J. T. ( - 1943), accountant
Draper, Gerald, actuary
Committee 2011-2012
Committee 2012-2013
aeronautical engineer
Coombes, L.P. ( - 1988), aeronautical engineer
agricultural scientist
Baker, J.A. ( - 1975), agricultural scientist and journalist
Dexter, P. Merrick (Mick), agricultural scientist
Holloway, Roger, agricultural scientist, planning consultant and public servant
Read, F.M. ( - 1977), agricultural scientist and public servant
Richardson, A.E.V. ( - 1950), academic and agricultural scientist
Russell, Hamish M., agricultural scientist
Stevens, John, agricultural scientist and landscape designer
Tulloh, Norman M., agricultural scientist
Wadham, Samuel M. ( - 1973), academic and agricultural scientist
Air Force officer
Manie, Russell J., Air Force officer, educationist and teacher
Schwieger, Arthur C. ( - 2010), Air Force officer and neurologist
Hall, A.M., anaesthetist
Hornabrook, R.W. ( - 1951), anaesthetist
Proctor, Charles Richard (1926 - 2013), anaesthetist and medical practitioner
Druce, Peter ( - 2007), archaeologist and solicitor
Edwards, W. Ian, archaeologist and educationist
Johnson, Ian R. ( - 2001), architect
Macdonald, Roderick (Rick) W., architect
Macdonald, Roderick I., architect
Rushman, J. Gordon, architect and planning consultant
Simpson, R. McC. ( - 1997), architect
Smith, Colin V., archivist
army officer
Bavington, N.E., army officer, public servant and teacher
Callaway, Frank H., army officer
Catherall, J.M., army officer and quantity surveyor
Williams, L.R.A. ( - 2007), army officer and dentist
Forrest, H., artist
Graham, P. ( - 1987), artist and lithographer
Stocks, G., artist and print maker
Turner, John Stewart ( - 1991), artist, botanist, conservationist, plant physiologist and poet
Brennan, W.A. ( - 1957), author, journalist and poet
Burnet, Frank Macfarlane (1899 - 1985), academic, author and medical researcher
Croll, R.H. ( - 1947), author, bushwalker, journalist and naturalist
Hansen, Martin Peter (1874 - 1932), author and educationist
Jose, Arthur, author and historian
Joynt, W.D., author and publisher
Neale, Ralph, author and editor
Osborne, W.A. ( - 1968), author, broadcaster, linguist, physiologist and poet
Rawson, Geoffrey, author

A Private Club

The Wallaby Club is a Melbourne-based walking club established in 1894 with a strong bias towards good fellowship, talking and an appreciation of both the natural and built environments. Membership is strictly limited and is by invitation only.

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