Established 1894

The Wallaby Club .Inc

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List of Occupations

Leitch, W.A., banker
Wreford, Ernest H. ( - 1938), banker
Baptist minister
Gill, Edmund D. ( - 1986), Baptist minister and palaeontologist
Stockman, Peter, Baptist minister
Warn, Milton P., Baptist minister and university administrator
Brown, Russell MacD., barrister and solicitor
Buesst, Tristan N.M. ( - 1983), barrister
Dixon, Owen ( - 1973), barrister and judge
Emmerson, John McL., barrister and physicist
Foster, J.F., barrister and university administrator
Gregory, R.H. ( - 1932), barrister
Groom, L.E., barrister and politician
Horwill, Lionel C., barrister and judge
Legge, J.G. ( - 1947), barrister
Leon, Samuel ( - 1933), barrister and judge
Sholl, R.R., barrister
Sproule, W. St G. ( - 1968), barrister and judge
Weigall, Theyre A'B. ( - 1926), barrister and judge
Looker, Michael C., biochemist and botanist
Trikojus, Victor M., academic and biochemist
Young, W.J. ( - 1942), biochemist
MacCallum, Peter, academic, biologist and pathologist
Martinelli, Laurie W., biologist, editor and publisher
Stephenson, D. George, biophysicist, physiologist and zoologist
Churchill, David M., botanist
Ewart, A.J., botanist
Looker, Michael C., biochemist and botanist
Neales, T.F., botanist
Turner, John Stewart ( - 1991), artist, botanist, conservationist, plant physiologist and poet
Osborne, W.A. ( - 1968), author, broadcaster, linguist, physiologist and poet
Croll, R.H. ( - 1947), author, bushwalker, journalist and naturalist
business man
Dempster, A.K. ( - 1994), business man and engineer
Dempster, R., business man
Derham, F.T., business man, company director, politician and public servant
Shaw, R. ( - 2002), business man and fashion designer
Swinburne, George ( - 1928), business man, philanthropist and politician

A Private Club

The Wallaby Club is a Melbourne-based walking club established in 1894 with a strong bias towards good fellowship, talking and an appreciation of both the natural and built environments. Membership is strictly limited and is by invitation only.

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