Established 1894

The Wallaby Club .Inc

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List of Occupations

Fitts, Clive, cardiologist and physician
chemical engineer
Flynn, E.J., chemical engineer
Kaleski, J. David, chemical engineer
Alexander, K., chemist
Avery, David (1871 - 1956), chemist
Balding, William M., chemist and science administrator
French, Alan, chemist and occupational health expert
Garran, R.R. ( - 1991), chemist
Horn, D., chemist
Morrison, James Douglas (1924 - 2013), chemist
Pressley, Thomas A. ( - 1982), chemist
Pryor, David E., chemist
Rivett, A.C. David, chemist and public servant
Sinha, Hari N., chemist
Snape, Brian C., chemist and company director
Swan, John M., academic, chemist and university administrator
civil engineer
Grundy, Paul (1935 - 2013), civil engineer
Lay, Maxwell G., civil engineer and company director
Matheson, J.A. Louis, civil engineer and university administrator
Woodruff, K., civil engineer
company director
Brown, Harry P., company director and public servant
Burt, W.O., company director and lawyer
Derham, F.T., business man, company director, politician and public servant
Dyason, E.C.E., company director, economist, mining engineer and stockbroker
Gordon A. ( - 2005), company director, forester and public servant
Gronow, William R. (Bill) ( - 2003), company director and electrical engineer
Lay, Maxwell G., civil engineer and company director
Snape, Brian C., chemist and company director
Turner, John Stewart ( - 1991), artist, botanist, conservationist, plant physiologist and poet

A Private Club

The Wallaby Club is a Melbourne-based walking club established in 1894 with a strong bias towards good fellowship, talking and an appreciation of both the natural and built environments. Membership is strictly limited and is by invitation only.

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Dates and details of annual walks from 1894.

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