Established 1894

The Wallaby Club .Inc

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List of Occupations

Littlejohn, Murray J., ecologist and zoologist
Muntz, W., ecologist and environmental scientist
Dyason, E.C.E., company director, economist, mining engineer and stockbroker
Selby-Smith, Christopher (1942 - 2007), academic, economist and public servant
Martinelli, Laurie W., biologist, editor and publisher
Neale, Ralph, author and editor
Browne, G.S., educationist
Crowther, G.H. ( - 1918), educationist
Edwards, W. Ian, archaeologist and educationist
Ellis, Frank, educationist
Hansen, Martin Peter (1874 - 1932), author and educationist
Holly, W. Baxter, educationist
Hone, Brian, educationist
Krome, Otto George Hermann Dittmar (1863 - 1917), educationist
LeCouteur, P.R., educationist
Manie, Russell J., Air Force officer, educationist and teacher
Robinson, Gresham, educationist
Shann, Frank ( - 1943), educationist
Tonkin, H., educationist
Wilson, J.P. ( - 1932), educationist
Wrigley, L.J. ( - 1933), educationist
Hart, Alfred (1870 - 1950), educator, scientist and Shakespearean scholar
electrical engineer
Edwards, Len E., accountant, electrical engineer, management consultant and mechanical engineer
Gronow, William R. (Bill) ( - 2003), company director and electrical engineer
Harper, Herbert Reah (1871 - 1956), electrical engineer
Hutchison, Douglas S., electrical engineer
Loutit, J.M., electrical engineer
Simpson, Christopher R., electrical engineer
Aird, John Allan (1892 - 1959), engineer
Bell, N.G., engineer
Brownbill, E.H., engineer
Bunbury, A.I. ( - 1991), engineer and management consultant
Burkhalter, Greg, engineer and risk consultant
Burstall, A.F., academic and engineer
Chapman, W.D. ( - 1956), diplomat, engineer and public servant
Chuck, Alan K., engineer
Clark, A.R., engineer
Dempster, A.K. ( - 1994), business man and engineer
Donald, Jas, engineer
Gillin, L. Murray, academic, engineer and university administrator
Jobbins, G.G. ( - 1955), engineer and public servant
Kirsner, Richard L., academic and engineer
McCallum, Lindsay, engineer
McManus, Kerry. J., engineer
Monash, John ( - 1931), engineer
O'Donnell, I.J. ( - 1985), engineer
Payne, H., engineer
Rundell, D.J., engineer
Sanders, C.H., engineer
Thorn, W., engineer
Wishart, J.W. ( - 1968), engineer and Naval officer
environmental consultant
Kratochvil, Milos, environmental consultant, financial planner and geologist
environmental scientist
Muntz, W., ecologist and environmental scientist

A Private Club

The Wallaby Club is a Melbourne-based walking club established in 1894 with a strong bias towards good fellowship, talking and an appreciation of both the natural and built environments. Membership is strictly limited and is by invitation only.

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